We strive to deliver products that are first-rate in quality, durability, and efficiency for athletes at any level. We seek out brands that meet with our philosophy of research-driven technology and creativity, for products that will make you faster and more efficient.  We ride, train and race all products that we distribute, and we continuously give feedback to our brands and manufacturers so that we can stay ahead of the curve.  Let us take the guesswork out of your gear and nutrition, so you can focus on training smarter with products that are proven to work. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you choose the products that are best for you in your swimming, biking, and running endeavors.

In keeping with our standard of quality and service, we carry the TORQ Performance Nutrition brand and use its products exclusively. TORQ is a range of highly advanced nutrition products designed specifically with the endurance athlete in mind. TORQ products are developed with scientific evidence and sound research in order to create the very best available on the market.

TORQ uses the purest potent natural ingredients that don’t include artificial colours or flavours. Where possible, the products are certified Organic by the Soil Association, or carry the Fairtrade mark, providing farmers in developing countries a fair price for their produce.

Swim Bike Run Distribution stocks the complete line of TORQ products. No matter what level of athlete you are, TORQ Nutrition makes science approachable and easy to use for all levels of training and racing.

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Jonas Colting has won six World and European medals in triathlon, is a two time winner of the Ultraman World Championships in Hawaii and has been competing in the sport since 1991. He has been highly involved in the development of the sport Swimrun from an obscure phenomenon to an international sport.

Colting Wetsuits has taken the swim/run community by storm with their innovative new products that offer quality workmanship, superior performance and exceptional comfort for both competition and training. Colting products are the result of many years of experience and continuous research and improvements.

Swim Bike Run Distribution is proud to bring this exciting line of Swim Run and Triathlon Wetsuits to North America and we promise faster swimming with a wetsuit or swimpant from Colting Wetsuits.

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Orange Mud started with the premise of the hydration pack first. The concept came about one evening after a fun day of exercise and hydration frustration. After a couple glasses of wine that night, Josh Sprauge decided to take action and put some work into concept. So he used a gun holster, tie down, and a waist pack to build the first HydraQuiver prototype. He went on a little jog with the pack and realized it was a solid concept.

Orange Mud’s focus is to make the most efficient and well crafted gear. Our design team has spent years competing in adventure racing, mountain bike racing, trail running, marathons, Ironman’s and some awfully fun outdoor adventures. Years of training for these events has often left us searching for the next best thing, but many times it’s just not there. So we figure someone has to make it, why not us?

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Mucky Nutz has been protecting vital parts since 2009 and by developing new ideas and improving on existing ones, we have become a global brand with product distribution in over 30 countries.

From our early offerings, developed in a garden shed in Yorkshire (yes, that is the actual one), to the range of products developed at our new base in Cornwall, we are no doubt best known for our design protected mudguards.

Light, discreet, yet very effective, our guards are the original flexible guards and are used and endorsed by many pro DH and Enduro teams and riders, but are available to everyone in a variety of forms and colours.

Our aim is simple, it’s to protect everyone’s vital parts through simple and effective designs. To achieve this we encourage feedback and an exchange of ideas with our customers and biking community, so that we’re kept well informed about the demands on our products and riding in general.

And it just so happens that we love the work we do and hope our products and service reflect this.

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