It’s more than a business. It’s our passion.

We were both born and raised in Sweden and moved to the USA to go to university. This is where we discovered our enthusiasm for swimming, biking, and running. Fast-forward a few years and in our travels we fell in love with British Columbia and its majestic outdoors. We loved it so much that one day we decided to sell our manufacturing company in Florida, pack up our kids and two dogs, and move almost 5,000 kilometers to beautiful British Columbia to start a new adventure.

Life is too short to not be living your dreams. We saw a need for a distributor that is focused on research-driven brands; so we assembled a team with strong backgrounds in engineering, manufacturing, sales, and product development, coupled with retail experience in the industry. We only develop, promote and distribute brands that we ourselves ride, train and race.

It’s all about continuous improvement, working with manufacturers, retailers and the end users to develop a feedback loop to our brands.  Our goal is to take the science of products, training and racing and make it understandable and approachable for everybody.

We invite manufacturers, product developers, retailers and the end users to join our journey as our team continues to grow – bringing the best of the best to our community.


Maria & John